Personal Injury Lawyer Loveland, CO

After an injury, the stress of healing and coping could be too much to handle alone, which is why people look to a personal injury lawyer Loveland, CO offers for counsel. The professionals at Cannon Hadfield Stieben, LLC may take on your case and allow you to focus on healing and returning to your normal life. Give us a call at 970-689-3037 today for your free consultation. You don’t have to fight this alone.

We’ve included some of our most frequently asked questions we get as a Loveland personal injury lawyer, and we hope you’ll find the information useful and educational.

Are your medical bills included in your bodily injury claim?

A personal injury lawyer Loveland, CO has to offer may tell you that a bodily injury claim is usually a personal injury claim. After an accident, you may seek compensation from the negligent party to pay for any medical treatment that was necessary due to your injuries.

You may see your medical bills listed on your personal injury claim as special damages or economic damages.

What happens to an injured child’s settlement money?

This is a great question and one that you may need to know if your child was the one injured. A personal injury lawyer in Loveland, CO may be able to confirm this, but usually, settlement money for a child isn’t given straight to the parents. Instead, it may be in a blocked trust account for the child to access after they’ve turned 18. This protects the child from parents who might use the money for their own personal gain.

Parents can request that funds be withdrawn to pay for the child’s expenses and needs, so this is an option you may want to speak with your attorney about.

Can your lawyer settle your case without your consent?

For this answer, you may need to check your agreement with your lawyer or simply ask your lawyer about it. Your agreement may say that the lawyer can settle without your consent. If it doesn’t, and your lawyer signs a settlement agreement on your behalf, you may want to tell your lawyer you don’t want to proceed with the settlement.

To avoid issues around settlement, be sure you know what your agreement says. Make sure you are working with a personal injury lawyer Loveland, CO residents trust to handle personal injury cases.

How do collect your personal injury compensation once you’ve won your case?

If the at-fault party has insurance, you may want to notify the insurance company of the judgment from your case. They should already be aware of it, and your notification just serves as a reminder. You may receive a check from the insurance company paying what the policy covers. This is a service that a personal injury lawyer Loveland, CO residents deserve may handle for you.

If the person doesn’t have insurance, you may have a very difficult time collecting the funds. You’d want to have the judgment entered with the court and then hire a lawyer to enforce it.

If you have any additional questions or are ready to book a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer Loveland, CO residents rely on, call Cannon Hadfield Stieben, LLC today at 970-689-3037.