Colorado has very specific rules for how cyclists are supposed to use the roads and how car drivers are supposed to react to them. Did you know that in Colorado, drivers must leave three feet between a cyclist and themselves when passing? Did you know that cyclists are legally allowed to ride in the main flow of traffic if the lane isn’t wide enough to allow another car to pass them safely? No? That’s ok, most drivers don’t know the law about cycling either. They will often get irritated and aggressive around cyclists as a result. That can be dangerous or deadly for the cyclist. If you’ve been injured by someone else’s dangerous behavior while on your bike, call Cannon Hadfield Stieben, LLC to talk to a Fort Collins bicycle accident lawyer today.

Bad things happen when cars hit cyclists. A cyclist who is hit by a car that doesn’t leave enough space when passing will often be sucked under the back wheels of the car. This can cause devastating injuries. All because a driver was in too much of a hurry to wait until it was safe to pass. This is just one of the many ways cyclists are put in danger by careless drivers. Both Sam Cannon and Gordon Hadfield regularly ride bikes around the Fort Collins area and are aware how dangerous drivers can be.

Even when drivers aren’t being aggressive, they are often very bad at watching out for bikes. Even when cyclists are wearing reflective clothing and using lights, car drivers often ignore them. Even worse, if you’re on a bike and you get hit by a car, you are likely to be very badly injured. If you get hit, it’s not your fault for riding a bike; it’s the other driver’s fault for not watching where he or she is going.

Bicycle accident cases present specific issues that require the experience of a Fort Collins bicycle accident lawyer. For example, cyclists often use technology that tracks their rides. This can be essential to proving liability in a bicycle case and, if your level of activity decreases after the crash, it can show how your life has been affected by the crash. In addition, if your case goes to trial, you need lawyers who are aware of juror’s biases against cyclists and who are prepared to deal with those jurors effectively.

If you’ve been injured while riding by a driver who was being aggressive or not looking where he or she was going, contact the experienced Fort Collins bicycle accident lawyers at Cannon Hadfield Stieben, LLC today.

Do I Need a Fort Collins Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

If you listen to insurance companies, they’ll tell you that you don’t need a bicycle accident lawyer. But the insurance company doesn’t have your best interests at heart. They’re only looking out for their bottom line. And trust me, they’re pros. If you’re injured, and you want to fight for the compensation the law says you’re entitled to, you need a pro on your side too. After all, you would have lived a very accident prone life if you’ve made as many insurance claims as the Fort Collins bicycle accident lawyers at Cannon Hadfield Stieben, LLC.